March 23


H is for HOPE

This photo was taken in Kristiansand Norway at ASSITEJ: The International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People. I traveled there with Colleague Lynda Hill and met many artists from around the world, united in purpose, to provide art for the very young… This is my want… to activate realities which start with HOPE and move into ACTION.

wishing you a love filled evening full of hope with the promise of doing.


August 27, 2018

DanceAbility 5 Day Intensive

Morning DanceAbility Exploration in Toronto with Michelle Silagy

5-Day DanceAbility Intensive in Toronto

This past June, I had the pleasure and honour of facilitating the first ever DanceAbility Intensive to be held in Canada. Within 5 days, I came to experience and appreciate yet again, the depth of talent and humanity that resides in Ontario and beyond. I am missing the collective spirit and ingenuity that each individual brought to this intensive…and I thank all of those who participated…for bringing so much light and focus to our DanceAbility Intensive. Learning and knowing more about our bodies while in motion is a shared experience…intense…joyful…deep and wonder filled..


August 10th, 2012 marks the last day of our DanceAbility Teacher Certification Course. My fellow course mates and I have had an extraordinary venture together. I wonder where we will disperse to next and how we will bring this new chapter of learning — into our lives. Today’s experience of ending our time together through performing together brought our precious time together full circle. Not only did I perform with my colleagues today in the Museum Quarters, but I lived, ate, gazed, and walked in the Quarters for 5 weeks. I shopped there with colleagues. I got side tracked with Connie, and when alone, took every moment to experience and gaze into building windows and doors repurposed by landlords and shop owners or artists collaging savvy folk art made of tainted lace, filligree, tarnished gold, well chosen wood bits,  and rebuilt watches — all — poised to posses the memory of those with less means and those with more who have graced the streets of this beautifully gilded city.  I will miss these streets that I have sauntered and hurried through. Yet —  I along with my colleagues can sleep well knowing that we came to Vienna to eat, breath and live new ways of being.  It happened — it really did — and I can’t wait to try out all that has been so graciously passed on to me  by the ever brilliant Alto Alessi. He has left me well prepared and further gifted all of us with a 200 page syllabus to guide us further still in the envisioning and practices of Inclusive Art. And so today I know I am not alone in anticipating the joy of sharing what all 25 of my colleagues hailing from 12 countries,  did together. Thank you friends and colleagues — Forever More.